Electoral Committee – new call!

Dear EvoKE member,

2019 was a big year for EvoKE and for the inaugural EvoKE Electoral Committee! Thanks to your support and involvement, we were able to cross two important milestones:  

  • We conducted our first-ever EvoKE Board election and elected our inaugural EvoKE board. 
  • We adopted the EvoKE statutes and became a legally recognised entity. 

It is now time to look at the future and plan for the continued growth of EvoKE. Therefore, we are launching the call for the EvoKE Electoral Committee 2020.

The EvoKE Electoral Committee will consist of:

  • 5 members from at least 4 different countries.
  • Members who are not currently on the EvoKE Board and/or and not considering being candidates in the 2020 EvoKE board Election.

The EvoKE Electoral Committee’s main responsibilities will be to:

  • Establish the timeline for the 2020 EvoKE Board Election 
  • Manage the logistics of the election (including launching the call, preparing the ballot, setting up the voting system, and conducting the elections)
  • Announce the results.

While the EvoKE Electoral Committee will be expected to liaise with the existing EvoKE Board and the EvoKE membership, they will function independently to maintain the integrity of the electoral process. The committee will conduct all tasks virtually. 

What will be expected of you?

The time commitment is minimal – a few hours a month in the months leading up to the election and a few hours a week during the election. 

No prior experience needed. 

This is a great opportunity, especially, for new EvoKE members!

Please consider volunteering to help chart the future of EvoKE

To volunteer, please fill this form by the 31st of May: EvoKE Electoral Committee 2020

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at: evoke.elections@gmail.com


Joelyn de Lima

Chair, EvoKE Electoral Committee 2019