Electoral Committee 2021 – Achillefs Kapartzianis

Achillefs Kapartzianis

I am a Physics teacher and ICT educator at Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth. I hold a BSc in Physics,  a Master of Science in Mathematics, Science and Technology in Education and a Master of Arts in Educational Sciences. I am currently in my 15th year of teaching. I have had the pleasure of teaching 10 – 12th grade Physics, preparing students for entering Colleges, Universities, or other higher education institutions. During this time period I also have acted as a Scientix Ambassador and Code Week Lead teacher and coordinated various STEM projects namely:”Open Discovery Space: A socially-powered and multilingual open learning infrastructure to boost the adoption of eLearning resources (ODS)” (http://www.opendiscoveryspace.eu/), “Innovative Schools and Peer Educators for Integration of ICT in the learning process within the School Unit” (http://ksep.e-epimorfosi.ac.cy/), Go- Lab/ Next Lab (http://www.go-lab-project.eu/#main-content ), PROFILES http://www.cut.ac.cy/profiles/indexEN.html ), PARRISE(www.parrise.eu). I have implemented international cross-curricular based experiments and projects for students with local speakers, schools, and teachers. From 2010 to 2012 I was seconded by 3/5 to the Office of Curriculum Development with principal responsibilities the overseeing of the formation of the New National Physics Curriculum and the monitoring of the process of implementing the New National Physics Curriculum in high schools. From April 2008 I am also teaching “Educational Application of Information Communications Technology” to small groups of Natural Science Teachers. Finally, I have authored, co-authored and  published 3 books and a handful of research articles in peer reviewed international journals in Science Education.