EvoKE BCN 21 Speakers

We are excited to announce the following confirmed speakers for the EvoKE 2021!

Plenary speakers


Position: Associate Professor Department of Neurobiology,

Topic: Interdisciplinarity / Media / Evolution

Talk: “Small RNA mediated transgenerational effects in nematodes, and how it challenges our most basic assumptions regarding the limits of inheritance and evolution” Oded, will share with us some of his experiences, and strategies to communicate and give visibility to his research to the different publics, what kind of challenges he faced, and how he dealt with it.

Ute Harms

Position: Department of Biology Education at IPN, Kiel (Germany).

Topic: Evolution and formal science education

Talk: TBC

Ute works  at IPN in Kiel (Germany) where she is responsible for the Department Biology Education. She has a PhD in Botany / Cell Biology from the University of Kiel and  has taught Biology at school for several years.

Her research interests embrace conceptual learning in Biology – focusing on devolution and energy, biology teacher education, and extended education related to Biology.

A. Cecile J.W. Janssens

Position: Research professor of translational epidemiology of the Emory University, Atlanta, USA. 


Talk: TBC

Professor of epidemiology, Teacher ,  Columnist @NRC

Slow science, (genetic) prediction, critical thinking, evidence, and lack thereof 

Round-tables speakers

Topic: Dealing between ideologies, interests, beliefs and evolutionary theory.

David Jou Mirabent

David Jou is a physicist and a poet, author of a wide literary, essay and scientific work. PhD in Physics at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, from 1989 he is full professor of Physics of Condensed Matter at this University, and doctor honoris causa of the Universitat de Girona. He has published more than 270 research papers and several research books and monographs. As a poet, he has published 23 books with a special focus on scientific, religious, political topics, as well as movies, paintings and arts. His essays are one of the most active examples of the third culture, namely, a bridge between science and humanities. Some examples are God, cosmos, chaos: horizons of the dialog between science and religion (2008), The expressivity of Creation (with Mònica Rozman, 2010) and The poetry of infinite: science and mysticism (2012). He has also translated to Catalan and Spanish language several books by Stephen Hawking as the Brief history of time, The universe in a nutshell or The grand design. As a popular-science writer, he was a collaborator of the section of science and technology of La Vanguardia (the main newspaper in Barcelona) from 1984 to 1994, and has given more than 350 public lectures.