EvoKE Meeting BCN 2021

The EvoKE 2021 meeting will be a great open-minded, innovative, interdisciplinary and inclusive opportunity to interact and exchange experience and expertise, about the promotion of evolutionary biology literacy among researchers, educators, science communicators, journalists, and cultural and artistic agents from all across Europe and beyond. EvoKE 2021, will also offer the opportunity to learn from professionals outside the evolutionary biology field, which can help us to have a broader vision about effective communication. Our goal is to create an inclusive and interdisciplinary environment and to encourage the EvoKE community by sharing experiences, ideas, knowledge, and skills. 

During the first two days of the meeting, attendants will participate in different activities comprehended in diverse topics and formats such as plenaries and short talks, round tables, and practical workshops. There will also be break-out sessions where participants can exchange their ideas on all aspects of evolutionary research, education, and outreach. 

EvoKE 2021 meeting will also include social and cultural activities and will bring us the opportunity to build trust and get to know people in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. 

There will be an extra day of meeting for everyone that wants to celebrate ‘Evolution Day’. A whole day with the opportunity to apply the experiences and activities we have shared from the first 2 days, by promoting evolution through outreach activities open to the general public.

Call to share your experience in EvoKE Barcelona 2021

Abstracts proposals to present your work, experience or conduct a workshop during the meeting in the previous topics call is open until the 15th of July 2021. Apply HERE

Registration will be open until October 31st 2021 Register here

In the upcoming days: 

  • Abstracts call to propose outreach activities for the EvoKE Evolution Day will be launched. Stay tuned!

Due to the exceptionality in which we live now, we must consider the possibility that although your participation is meant to be presential, if necessary, we would like to have the option to count with you virtually.