EvoKE National Representatives

EvoKE National Representatives are essential keyplayers that connect EvoKE’s network with people in their countries working in the field, fostering evolution literacy at national level, but also across Europe, and beyond.

The duties of the National Representatives are to:

  1. Attend the National Representatives Task Force Skype meetings (time and frequency to be decided when the team is formed) and participate in decisions of this task force.
  2. Reach out to institutions in their country and act as a national contact point to help recruit people and institutions (e.g. biology education institutions, national evolutionary biology associations, secondary school teaching organisations, science journalists) into the network.
  3. Promote the exchange of information between country’s institutions and members and the EvoKE network by posting to the EvoKE blog and/or social media.
  4. Participate in the organisation of international EvoKE events in their country (e.g., Darwin Day, European Antibiotic Awareness Day).
  5. Report to EvoKE about all the points above once per year (maximum one-page report).

The nomination process is as following:

 Before each biennial EvoKE meeting, the National Representatives Task Force will prepare a call for volunteers to be the next National Representatives. This call will be launched at least one month before the meeting and be open until the last day of the EvoKE meeting.

If more than one person volunteers in a given country,  National Representatives Task Force puts these people in contact and suggests that they work collaboratively on the role. In the case that one or more people do not agree to collaborate, a selection will be made by this Task Force.

The National Representatives Task Force is in charge of finding National Representatives for those countries lacking them.

The length of the mandate of each National Representative is two years and is renewable.