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Do you have a great educational activity that you use to teach evolution?

Share it here and let us spread it as one of the EvoKE SEEDS…


What is the EvoKE SEEDS?

EvoKE SEEDS stands for EvoKE’s Selection of Evolution Education practices to further Develop and Spread.

The EvoKE SEEDS project will collect evolution education activities from the community, help authors publish their materials as an open education resource (OER, see more information here), and support adaptation of the activity by the community. This project is linked to the EvoKE SEEDS workshop that will take place at EvoKE 2019 meeting, Split, Croatia (apply here). During this workshop, the participants will work with selected activities shared by the community and further develop, adapt, and prepare those to be published as OERs.  

How can I submit my activity to EvoKE SEEDS?

You can submit your activity in English to EvoKE SEEDS through the form here.  

What will EvoKE SEEDS do with my activity?

We will select a few  of the activities and participants in the EvoKE SEEDS workshop at EvoKE 2019, will provide the following:

1- Peer review and further development of the activities, adding additional aspects such as assessments or adaptations for different settings or curricula;

2- Preparation of activities for publication as an OER in QUBES  (see an example here) and international dissemination  as an EvoKE SEEDS peer reviewed activity.

What about the authorship?

If you share your activity with us and your activity is selected to be an EvoKE SEEDS activity:

  • You will naturally get authorship credit; 
  • After the workshop you can review  the modified version proposed by SEEDS and either choose to publish the activity as you proposed, with the SEEDS modifications published as adaptations, or (preferably), publish the modified version as  first author, with the SEEDS participants who contributed to it as co-authors.


Share your activity here

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