Evolution Education Workshop: Virus Alert in Stayhompton

Virus Alert in Stayhompton: playfully research and understand viral spread and countermeasures

24th November (18:30 – 20:00) and 15th December (18:30 – 20:30) 2021, online

EvoKE and EuroScitizen (WG2 projects 3 and 5) are proud to offer you the on-line teacher trainning action “Virus Alert in Stayhompton”

Join us to discuss how to teach evolution in the context of COVID pandemics!

Register here until the 20th November.

This workshop will include 2 sessions. In the first session, participants will be introduced to the “Virus Alert in Stayhompton” With the game “Virus Alert in Stayhompton”, young people aged 12 and older discover how virus outbreaks work and how our society can combat them by means of physical distancing or vaccination. The first session of the workshop will introduce you to the game and enable you to use it in the classroom with the help of accompanying materials. The modular structure  of the materials makes it possible to use in both lower and upper secondary education and place an individual focus, e.g. on vaccinations, or the socio-political aspect of restrictions on public life. After getting a chance to test the game in your classroom, the second session will provide an opportunity to share your experience and ask in-depth questions. The game and teaching materials are freely available for download and self-printout in EnglishGerman, and Slovak.


24th November session
18h30m – 20h00m Central European Time – introduction to the game

15th December session
18h30m – 19h30m – Talk: COVID evolution
19h30m – 20h30m – Discussion about the use of the game in classrooms

Please note that hours are in Central European Time. Make sure you convert to your time zone!

Important information:

The training school will be held online and it will be free of charge for the trainees.  

As this will be a training school involving practical activities, it is limited to 40 participants.

All participants will receive a participation certificate.

Register here until the 20th November. Selection of the applicants will prioritise those registering earlier, but ensure the diversity of countries, carrear stages and gender.

This workshop is aimed for preservice teachers or inservice teachers that want to improve their students understanding about evolution and how to address it in the context of COVID pandemics. We also welcome teacher’s educators, who want to empower their students to teach about this subject.

The trainers:

Magdalena Steinrück, PhD (IST Austria – Institute of Science and Technology Austria)

Magdalena is a science educator at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria). In her job, she develops and mediates hands-on / minds-on science communication formats for children of any age with a focus on school classes and teaching materials. Her current main interest is how to encourage young people to adopt a scientist-like mindset and develop a joyful attitude towards science as a way to learn about the world we live. Before her switch to scicomm and education, she obtained a PhD in microbial genetics and keeps a Winogradsky column as her pet.

Christian Bertsch (University college of teacher education in Vienna)

Christian Bertsch, professor of science education at the university college of teacher education in Vienna. Research focus on the outcomes of continuous professional development for science teachers and students’ conceptions of the nature of science. He is chairman of the Austrian association of didactical research and coordinates different keyactions on improving STEM education in Austria (mintschule.at) .

Hildegard Uecker (Max Planck Institute)

Hildegard Uecker is currently group leader at Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology. As a a trained phycisist and mathematician she models evolution in populations, both in natural habitats but also in pathogens under medical treatment.Before her position at MPI she obtained her PhD from University of Vienna in Biomathematics and worked at IST Austria as well as ETH Zuerich.

Organizing team:

Bento Cavadas

Rianne Pixten

Martin Scheuch

Xana Sá-Pinto