Joana Moscoso


Co-founder & Director of Native Scientists

Co-founder of Chaperone

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Joana Moscoso believes in science and innovation for the benefit of humankind. This is what led her to become a scientist and a social business innovator. With experience working in the public, private and third sectors, Joana holds a PhD from Imperial College London, is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow Alumnus, and co-founded two social enterprises. At Native Scientist, she connects children and scientists to promote quality and fair science education. At Chaperone, she gives scientists access to high-quality and personalised career support. She is an author of 10+ international peer-reviewed publications and founded Native Scientist while doing her PhD. Her entrepreneurial skills, ability to mobilise people, and capacity to generate positive social impact have been distinguished multiple times, including the titles Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise (2021) and MIT Innovator Under 35 (2017) titles. More information here:

“Circularity in Science Communication and Outreach”

Science communication and outreach have long served as valuable tools for institutions and professionals to engage the public with scientific topics and research, promote learning, build trust, shape public policies, and/or inspire interest in science and scientific careers. Recently, an increasing emphasis on engaging diverse audiences and using innovative communication strategies has expanded the potential of science communication and outreach as tools that promote inclusivity and address societal challenges. Moving beyond the concept of science communication and outreach for inclusion and diversity, we will explore the application of circularity principles in the field, focusing on two programmes that connect scientists and children from the same migrant community and/or hometown. By embracing circularity, the programmes foster a transformative, dynamic and sustainable approach to science education and engagement. They incorporate hands-on activities that address real-world challenges, deepening children’s understanding of scientific concepts and encouraging them to think critically while also sparking interest in science and fostering a lifelong passion for learning. Through the convergence of inclusivity, circularity, and science communication and outreach, we will look into the potential of these innovative programmes to foster an empowered society driven by scientific literacy and curiosity, where knowledge is shared and accessible.