Kristin Jenkins

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Kristin Jenkins earned her PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Arizona in 1996.  Following graduation, Dr. Jenkins taught at a science magnet school and a small college, as well as running a federal TRiO McNair program, engaging in biotechnology outreach programs and developing curriculum materials for the National Institutes of Health. Her interest in evolution education came to the forefront when she accepted a position at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center.  During her tenure at NESCent, Dr. Jenkins worked with a variety of leaders in evolution education and was involved in the development of professional development opportunities for educators, educational resources, and publications on evolution education.  In conjunction with the Society for the Study of Evolution and the National Association of Biology Teachers, Dr. Jenkins and her colleagues have been offering workshops and symposia across the country for educators at all levels since 2005.  Dr. Jenkins has been involved in several grants from the National Science Foundation, SSE and ESEB supporting evolution education activities.  She was on the organizing committee for the National Research Council convocation “Thinking Evolutionarily: Evolution Education Across the Life Sciences” and is on the editorial board of the open access journal Evolution: Education and Outreach. Currently Dr. Jenkins is the director of BioQUEST , a biology education group with a long history of emphasizing evolution as a key concept and is working on a project focusing on introducing tree thinking.