Meet the EvoKE Gardeners

EvoKE grew out of the collaboration between Xana, Tania, Kristin and Heloise to organise “Lausanne capitale de l’évolution”, an associated part of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology (ESEB) 2015 conference that was open to the general public. Based on the positive resonance they received, they decided to form EvoKE to broaden the discussion on the state of education and outreach in evolutionary biology.

Xana Sá Pinto

Xana Sá PintoPortuguese biologist, passionate about biodiversity and evolutionary processes. Xana’s previous research career focused mostly on the study of evolutionary processes. But, she also participated in and organised several education and outreach projects related to evolution, which made her become increasingly interested and engaged with science education. Since 2015, she is part of the CIDTFF.UA research team and has become a science teacher at ESE.IPP where she is doing research on the effects of teaching science in the light of evolution to elementary school students.

Tania Jenkins

Tania Jenkins

Tania is a scientist-turned science communicator and policy advocate. After meeting Xana, Héloïse, and Kristin and halfway into her second postdoc in evolutionary ecology, she discovered her passion for outreach. Since then, she has worked in museums and universities creating scientific exhibitions, workshops, science festivals, science speed-dating events and immersive games. She believes in breaking barriers between scientists and the public, and facilitating discussions amongst diverse stake-holders. She is currently working at the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) where she designs and organises event formats to promote dialogue on sensitive topics. She is also developing workshops to empower researchers to improve their own research-culture environment.

Héloïse D. Dufour

Héloïse D. Dufour

Héloïse is the head of the Cercle FSER, where she facilitates novel ways to bring researchers closer to the public. Before that, she spent more than a decade in the lab designing and implementing projects to solve biology questions, with a focus on neurobiology, development, and then evolution. She has always felt strongly that outreach is an important part of a scientist’s mission.

Kristin JenkinsKristin Jenkins

Kristin is the director of BioQUEST and has been active in evolution education in the United States since 2005.  She became involved with the EvoKE project through the Society for the Study for Evolution.

Evangelia Mavrikaki

Evangelia MavrikakiEvangelia holds a PhD in biology and she is an associate professor and member of the Laboratory of Science Teaching & Epistemology and Educational Technology of the Faculty of Primary Education of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. Among her research interests is Biology Teaching. She has authored or coauthored many articles or chapters in Greek and International Journals or books and she is the author or coauthor of 15 books including the Greek Gymnasium biology textbooks, several of them focusing on aspects of evolution teaching.

Szymek Drobniak

szymekSelfieSzymek joined the team of EvoKE team after the first EvoKE conference in Porto (2017). He is Polish and works at two fronts. In Poland, he heads a young group of evolutionary ornithologists at the Jagiellonian University trying to explain the evolution of sex, infidelity and colour. In Australia, he teams up with the School of Biological, Environmental and Earth Sciences at the UNSW to invent newer and more awesome ways of analyzing multivariate data. In 2015 he won the Polish edition of FameLab, which opened a (positive) Pandora box of scientific outreach for him. When not doing science, he designs illustrations, infographics and other science-related pretty things: check them out here.