Registration EvoKE BCN 21

EvoKE BCN 2021 will host participants ranging from researchers and educators, to media specialists, policy makers and artists, all sharing the goal of effectively communicating about evolution. If you are interested in joining us, here are the important aspects:

EvoKE BCN 21 aims to promote meaningful interactions between the attendees and offer everyone active participation in the chosen congress activities. Activities will be held in secure conditions attending to the current COVID-19 situation. For this reason, and in order to be able to provide a safe in person attendance, the physical attendance capacity will be limited to 150 participants.

General registration €110,99 including Taxes and administration fees

General registration fee will include:

  • Lunches and coffee breaks during the congress
  • Conference, activities, *events and materials. 

*Gala dinner (TBA) is not included. 

Registration Process

Step 1 (Registration)

Register here until November 15th

Step 2 (Payment )

Payment information

Transaction type: Transfer to CaixaBank

IBAN (electronic format): ES7921003041552200495729
IBAN (paper format): IBAN ES79 2100 3041 5522 0049 5729

Ordering party: Applicant full name and affiliation
Concept: EvoKE BCN 21 Registration Fee
Amount: 110,99 euros

Please send your payment bank receipt to:
Subject: evokebcn21 Payment + Your registration NAME.
IMPORTANT, in this mail please include the invoice information:
– Your or your institution’s NAME.
– Your or your institution ID NUMBER

Costs associated to the bank transfers will have to be covered by the participant.

Reimbursement on force majeure events related to Covid restrictions will be available, subject to study each case in particular.

Inclusive grants

A limited number of “Inclusive grants” consisting in 50% of discount on the General registration fee will be available to facilitate the attendance of early-career researchers, Inclusive Target Countries participants, freelancers, school teachers, informal educators, artists, socio-cultural professionals, grass-root movements and civil associations representatives, and others potential participants without possibilities of economic support from their institutions or entities.

We hope to support everyone based on their needs, so please select this option only when truly necessary. Grants will be awarded taking in consideration each particular situation, and also on a first come first serve basis.

Application process:

Step 1 (Application)

  • Apply by using this form
  • Further documentation could be asked to certify your situation
  • If you are selected, you will be informed soon after the deadline.

Step 2 (Registration and payment)

  • If your application is accepted, please confirm your participation by completing your registration process within two weeks of being accepted. Further payment instruction will be provided to the granted applicants.
  • By paying the participation fee you agree that you will participate to the full duration of the event.

Equal opportunities
We kindly ask you to understand that the places for this meeting are limited and that we will strive to increase the diversity of attendees.

In case there are more participants than allowed there will be a waiting list. Either way, we hope all of you can follow the event on social media and participate in some of the activities of EvoKE BCN 21 even remotely.

Please contact us directly at to find out more information.