We are excited to host the following workshops as part of the EvoKE 2019!

Short workshops – try new things and learn new skills by attending one of the following workshops:


SW1 – On writing engaging press releases

  • Organisers: Rita Ponce
  • In this workshop we will discuss what makes a good press release, and the participants will write their own press release.


SW2 – Misconceptions in Evolution

  • Organiser: Guillaume Lecointre and Pierre-Henri Gouyon
  • Philosophical backgrouds and grammar itself generate misconceptions in evolution, even among scientists. The workshop will discuss misconceptions in scientists, and compare them with misconceptions in the non-specialized professionals and public. A debate about the pros and cons of the use of metaphors in evolutionary sciences will be opened.


SW3 – POA (Public Outreach Anonymous)

  • Organiser: Uroš Savković, Tamara Milosevic, Aïmen El Assimi
  • Public Outreach Anonymous is a workshop intended as a mutual aid for those who have successfully or unsuccessfully organized public outreach events, those who are pushed into doing such events without preparation, and those who fear anything that contains the word “public”. Share with peers your fears and successes, get inspired and encouraged, while working on an often overlooked but essential skill for public communication – body language.


SW4 – Shaping science policy- where do we start?

  • Organiser: Tania Jenkins, Héloïse Dufour, James Williams
  • When is it suitable to engage with science policy? How and where do we start? What role is there for evolutionary biology to influence policy? In the EvoKE network we are starting to think about these questions. This workshop will be the kick off of the EvoKE policy task force. By participating in this workshop participants will help define the scope, goals and mechanisms for change chosen by the Task force and thus shape the future policy actions of EvoKE.


Long workshops – learn new skills and develop products and projects to use in evolution education and outreach by attending one of the following workshops:


LW1: EvoKE SEEDS (Selection of Evolution Education resources to further Develop and Spread)

  • Organisers: Kristin Jenkins, Xana Sá Pinto, Louise Mead.
  • JOIN US at the EvoKE SEEDS workshop to identify, curate and publish educational activities targeting students from distinct grades, to be used as seeds to sow evolution literacy across Europe.


LW2: Visual Data Collection and Analysis for improvement of events

  • Organisers: António Pedro Costa; Ana Isabel Rodrigues
  • The participants will identify and apply a visual method (e.g. photovoice or photo-elicitation) using the event itself and will utilize the content analysis technique to analyze the photographs taken.


LW3: The Circle Stories – Learning how to invent stories and voice them out

  • Organiser: Rémi Garcia-Kerviel
  • During this workshop, you’ll learn how to create stories and tell them to an audience. How to help the others build their own. How to use your imagination and your sensitive memories to remember the stories. How to engage the audience with your own images, voice and body. How important the group and the community is to do so.


LW4: Fresh formats for science: StreetArtScience and other stories

  • Organisers: Charlotte Rosher, Arka Pal, Lucia Fontana
  • A workshop for enthusiastic scientists to get their messages across in a totally novel way, taking inspiration from politics, street art and marketing. Together, participants will learn search analytics, tips on producing fresh content to hook their desired audience, and will work to create a poster board of ideas that are ready to take to the streets.