Science and Policy Development Workshop

Bath, 6th July 2023   Learn how to reach and work with policy makers and how to identify, select and provide them evidence to build science based policies. More information here.

SciComm4all:A self-training program in scientific communication

SciComm4all offers researchers short, self-guided learning modules composed of videos, additional resources (scientific articles, blogs, guidelines and toolkits…) and a self-assessment tool that will help you get familiar with the most important concepts in science communication. SciComm4all aims to disseminate these self-training modules widely. By giving tools and methods to our colleagues that will facilitate…

Learning Evolution through Socioscientific Issues e-book

Find educational resources to explore socioscientific issues at the light of evolution designed to impact students’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes. EuroScitizen and EvoKE offer you the ebook “Learning evolution through socioscientific issues”. Produced by professionals from 15 different countries, this book provides you 6 theoretical chapters on the teaching and learning of biological evolution and…

EvoKE BCN 21 summary & online materials

A bridge between academia and society to promote science literacy in evolution has been the main objective of the international network EvoKE (Evolutionary Knowledge for Everyone).

Last call for submissions to e-book Learning evolution through SSIs

Last call for chapters’ submissions to the e-book Learning evolution through socioscientific issues.
Submit the abstract (500 characters maximum) of your proposal until 10th January 2022 and be the author of one chapter of the “Learning evolution through socioscientific issues” ebook.