EvoKE makes internet headlines!

Well, ok. Not really … european flgs on maps.png

In searching for the EvoKE Project recently using google, one the Gardeners came across this blog page as a top hit! (Your mileage might differ, of course.) Nice to see that the ID people are taking us seriously. It almost lends some kind of legitimacy to the whole project.

But, just to make things clear …

  1. We’re not trying to emulate any sort of “oppressive regime” by trying to “push” evolutionary biology on unsuspecting European citizens through “the force of law”. “Reason and evidence” are just fine with us too.
  2. Instead, EvoKE is an open community that anyone with an interest in evolutionary biology can join.
  3. One of EVoKE’s main goals is to promote the teaching of evolutionary biology in schools as a means to improve the public’s understanding of it. (The Nature article that the webpage cites was called “Public literacy in evolution” after all.) It’s hard to make a considered judgement about anything that one hasn’t been exposed to or doesn’t actually understand.
  4. The blog ignores most of the Nature article to focus on the last paragraph in which we cite a 2007 resolution by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe that calls on education authorities to promote scientific knowledge and thus the teaching of evolutionary biology as part of the science curriculum in schools. As such, the resolution is explicitly anti-creationism / ID, but in citing it we’re not bashing anyone. Instead, read the whole Nature article instead to see what we’re all about: promoting evolutionary biology.

In the end, evolutionary biology might “only” be a theory, but that still makes it science.