EvoKE Board Election 2021 – Call for Nominations

Thanks to the involvement of many of you, our community keeps growing (we are currently at 515 members in 57 different countries) as does the spread of our activities. With the help of the inaugural EvoKE Electoral Committee we crossed an important milestone in 2019: We conducted our first EvoKE Board elections and inaugurated the newly elected EvoKE Board.

To keep the momentum going, and to ensure the continued development of EvoKE, it is now time to have our second EvoKE Board election. 

The first steps have already been taken. We now have a five-member EvoKE Electoral Committee 2021 in place. The tasks of the Committee include announcing and organising elections, collecting nominations, counting votes and approving final voting results.  And now we are launching the call for applicants for election to the EvoKE board.

Who can be a candidate?
All EvoKE members except current members of the Electoral Committee are eligible to stand for election.

Who can vote?
All EvoKE members are eligible to vote. 
We will be using an online system to conduct these elections and each member will be able to vote just once.

How is the EvoKE Board structured?
The EvoKE Board consists of 7 members. These members are elected individually to the Board and will decide as a group who will be the President and the Treasurer.
You can find more information about the Board’s mission here.

Which positions are open for election?
We will be voting for 7 Board member positions, with no specified rank or designation within the board*.
These will be the seven people with the most votes (i.e. ranked 1 – 7 in the voting system).
Additionally, the group of seven people who received the next highest votes (i.e. ranked 8 – 14 in the voting system) will be elected as substitutes to replace any Board member that resigns over the course of their term. Substitutes will be chosen in the order of their ranking in the voting system.
*Any decisions about ranks and designations within the Board (e.g., President or Treasurer) will be made by the elected members post-election.

When will the elections take place:
This is the  timeline for the elections. Any deviations will be announced via email and social media. 
24th September 2021 : Launch the call for Board applications. 
24th September to 20th October 2021: During this time we will be accepting self-nominations from prospective candidates. 
20th October, 5 PM Central European Time: Deadline to submit applications for board positions. 
21st October to 28th October: The Electoral Committee will set up the ballot.
29th October to 12th November 2021, 5 PM Central European Time: Electronic voting. Each member will receive an email inviting them to cast their vote. Information about the prospective candidates will also be made available.
12th November 5 PM Central European Time: Deadline to cast a vote.
17th November 2021: The newly elected board members (and substitutes) will be notified by email.
22nd November 2021: The results will be announced to the EvoKE community!

What is the term of office?
Each Board member will be elected to a two-year term. 

How can I nominate myself?
Prospective candidates will have to:
Fill in this form: Nomination form
Send a letter of intent to the Electoral Committee:  evoke.elections@gmail.com
Please include a photograph of yourself. This is not compulsory. 
The deadline to fill the form and to receive the letter is 5 PM Central European Time on the 20th of October 2021.
The letter should not be more than 2 pages long and it should address the following ideas:
A (very) brief introduction (do not need to repeat information provided in the form, but make sure people understand who you are and what you do)
What does being engaged with EvoKE mean to you? (if you have been engaged with EvoKE – please make sure you tell us how you have done so.)
What is your vision for EvoKE? 
Why are you interested in being an EvoKE board member? 
What do you hope to accomplish in your elected office to further the cause of EvoKE, and to achieve your vision of EvoKE?
Do you have any other relevant information that makes you an ideal candidate? (e.g. experiences in civil society organisation, research/teaching experience etc)

Please note that the information from the form and the letter of intent will be made available to the entire EvoKE community during the voting period. Also, by submitting this letter you are committing to be listed on the ballot and to uphold the values and mission of EvoKE.

The deadline to fill the nomination form and to receive the letter of intent  at evoke.elections@gmail.com is 5 PM Central European Time on the 20th of October 2021
What if I have some more questions about the elections?

Please feel free to reach out to the Electoral Committee at evoke.elections@gmail.com